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About Rafael

I am simple guy with a simple mission. As a Master Photographer, my mission is to share some of our natural resources through photographic stories so that others will also appreciate the beauty of nature and all she has to offer. It is my hope that by sharing images, you, the viewer will embrace the need to preserve and protect our natural resources for future generations.

My father had a subscription to National Geographic for as long as I can remember. I would grab every new issue as soon as he was finished reading it, dashing off to my room and looking at the pictures for hours at a time. While waiting for the next issue to arrive, I would sneak into his den and borrow past issues to keep me dreaming of the beautiful places that exist on this earth. I used these images to transport myself to different parts of the world in total awe of the natural wonder our singular planet has to offer. My childhood summers reenforced my love of nature; I went to a Catholic summer camp overlooking Monterey Bay. During the late afternoon Masses, I would listen to the ocean waves crashing below on a sandy warm beach, I would feel the wind softly flowing past my skin and I would hear the wind whistling though the needles of the trees. To me, this was heaven on earth. My love of nature was solidified. During my teenage years, my parents owned property in Big Sur, California. When we went to the property on weekends, the beauty, smells, and sounds of nature kindled something deep within me and always replenished my soul. To this day, I enjoy being surrounded by nature's offerings and thus the reason for this website. I am a Master Photographer and international award winning photographer, and it is my desire and hope that by sharing with you the landscape images I create, you will also embrace nature as I do and help stop the reduction of the wonderful natural resources we have on this planet.


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